What is Shamanism

Copy of DSC_0159

Shamanism is a system for psychic,
emotional, and spiritual healing, and
for exploration, discovery, and
knowledge gathering about non-
material worlds and states of mind.

In shamanism the spirit of the shaman
leaves the body and travels to
communicate with spirit helpers
and other beings for the purpose of
obtaining knowledge, power, or
healing.  The shaman usually
retains control over his or her
body on the shamanic journey.

Shamanic journeying is an
altered state of consciousness
wherein you enter a realm called
“non-ordinary reality.” By
journeying, you can gather
knowledge and perform
healing in ways that are not
accessible in ordinary
waking reality.

Shamanic healing is a process
whereby a person journeys on
behalf of another, and brings
back information or instructions
that can be used to provide
healing to another person.


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